Versame Starling

Knowing that a young child’s exposure to words greatly influences future success, Versame set out to develop Starling, a simple and convenient tool for parents, that will track and analyze their baby’s word exposure.
We first met with Versame when this product wasn’t a product yet, it was merely an idea for a product that would encourage and track a young child’s exposure to words. To begin, we sat down with the Versame team and familiarized them with the product development and manufacturing processes. We armed them with realistic ideas of timing and costs, providing critical information needed to build not only their product, but a successful company as well. We helped guide them toward the right partners to turn the idea into a viable product concept. We then worked with Versame to develop that concept into a high-quality, mass-produced product. Tact is now manufacturing Versame’s Starling, a product that works great and is safe. It is drool and teething proof, and exceeds federal testing requirements.

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