Tact is a product development, engineering and manufacturing firm with a devotion to design and the expertise to bring it to fruition. We work with the finest industrial design firms, creative start-ups, and leading corporations to develop a broad range of innovative products from consumer electronics to baby strollers to highly-stylized commercial products. At Tact, when we complete a project it doesn’t just look good—it works and feels great too.

Product Development
We care about your product; how it looks, it’s function, and if it will exist in real life the way it exists in the industrial designer’s sketch. We take care of the product design engineering, delivering a data package that includes detailed documentation and specifications that can be taken to any manufacturer. Our award-winning team has developed hundreds of products. This extensive experience combined with our proven development process facilitates a smooth and successful product launch.

Contract Manufacturing
Utilizing our flexible, extensive, worldwide supply chain network, we match each unique component of your product to its ideal part manufacturer and build a supply chain specifically for your product. We keep your business priorities in mind and custom fit the manufacturing facilities, locations, and technologies that will produce your product the way you envision it. You are able to focus on other details while our highly experienced team of manufacturing and quality control experts does the work.

Tact is seeking Senior Mechanical Engineers and CAD Sculptors.

Tact Product Development, Inc.
405 Lytton Ave, Suite 1
Palo Alto, CA 94301